woman holding bible

This battle that rages within me is far too deep to see

The confusion in my heart is for only you and me

For I cannot stand against thee

Only with thy hand in mine

For if I thought you might leave me

I’d be lost like hours of time

But your vow was forever

Eternity was promised

And so I take my life in yours

knowing I won’t be abolished

You understand my humanness

And my weakness you see

You speak to the raging within me

With one word, in peace I breathe

This heaviness I carry is far too wide for me

But you my Lord have taken it

When you paid that penalty

There is no way to repay you

For the love that bled for me

Nothing I could work out

That would ever set me free

Freedom comes when one can see

That this death was paid for you and me

Now off this burden

Lay to rest weary soul

To you my Savior

I give you control

I can no longer carry it

Or make it on my own

So I give you this life

Releasing my strife

Rugged and worn

Blistered and bruised

I am nothing but lost

Unless by you I am used