It was early morning. I walked out of my car and heard the seagulls and felt the sun warm. As I walked in I saw it. Everything was alive and waking up. I could smell the warm bread and see the grocers chatting with their regulars. The music was playing and people were about their business. The butcher was putting out the fresh cuts of beef. The ladies in the bakery beginning their cake orders- sugary colored icing in abundance. And as I checked out I realized I forgot something. The young man bagging my groceries offered to get them for me. And it continued to creep in. Then I was walking off and again realized I forgot something- water, and we couldn’t go without water. This time I was already fully checked out. The lady, possibly the manager, said she would go and get a case of water for me. It continued to fill my heart. Then another cashier opened up her register just to ring up my water for me and I was sure of it- it was hope and it was quickly showing itself. Hope- hope in today, hope in humanity, hope that no matter what tragedy strikes, that life will go on, and that we are a resilient people and that there are still good people out there. And there is always a good God who wants us to not loose hope, to not give up. Listen today as you hear the children laughing, as the sun pops its head out, as you catch something making you laugh, smell it in a batch of fresh baked bread, hear the sound and feel the touch of Hope.
Proverbs 23:18- There is surely a future hope for you, and your hope will not be cut off.