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His presence

I thought I wanted new
A house with perfect walls
A place never touched
by other peoples falls
I thought I wanted new
an outfit with fresh colors
A new look for me
that’s better than the others
I thought I wanted new
A change in scenery is good
a new bedspread would be perfect
As women, it’s understood
Freshen up these walls
and change the decor a bit
That will make me happy
well, I’m just sure of it
I thought I wanted new
I thought I wanted new
A new appliance in the kitchen
then my dinner they would no longer be a’ pitchin
that would change my family life
and then my cooking would be suffice
But then the walls got dirty
And the trends faded fast
The colors in the bedspread
well, I should have known they wouldn’t last
The new picture frames and art decor
began to collect dust
and bills came in that I couldn’t pay
because I thought these things were a must
And that new appliance that was suppose to change my game?
Well, it’s underneath my cabinet And yet my cooking remains the same
and I have come to the shocking realization that
no matter what I have
that I thought I wanted new
When it really boils down to it
All I really wanted was You!

Mathew 6:21- Wherever your treasure is, there the desires of your heart will also be.

We seek and we search. We see all the things we must have. We peruse the mall with all the things we think we need and so desperately want. And these things, in our mind will fill us with happiness and joy. Our hearts shout, “If I just had ______” The upbeat Christmas music is playing. Everything is covered in red, white, and green bling. We walk by the Bath & Body Shop with the cinnamon vanilla scents calling to us, “Smell me, buy me!” and we need it, right? The extravagant Christmas decor makes us think, “If only my house looked as pretty as this display, it would be filled with warmth and joy.” And everyone, with their shopping bags full, is looking so gleeful, so content with their bags. Is it an illusion? A moment fading as quickly as the sun sets?

I tell you dear ones, there is no package that can bring you joy. There is no box that can fill you with peace. There is no gift that once put on the walls will be the end of your search- to calm the chaos in your heart.
There is but one thing, one Person, one holy and amazing Savior. Yet, we search. We look everywhere else to have our needs met. When only One was meant to fill that every need, every longing, that eternal thirst for more. And that, my friends, is Jesus. It is Him and time spent with Him. It will cost you nothing, He paid everything.
If you find yourself this holiday season thinking more is the answer, well, you just might be on to something. But before you jump in the car and run to the mall to let everyone know what you need, might I challenge you a bit?

You do need more, this much is true. When you find yourself searching, and more just isn’t enough, look up. Stop. Be still. Be quiet before your Maker. You, my friends are standing on holy ground. Your heart is hungry and no gadget will ever meet its every need. No appliance will ever stop that longing for peace. The new outfit won’t get you out of the corner at that office party and stop that loneliness you feel in large crowds.

The more places you rush to, the harder it will be to hear that still small voice that whispers, “If you look for me wholeheartedly, you will find me.” (Jer. 29:13) “Here I am,” He whispers. Before you head out looking for the next thing that is sure to bring you peace, stop. Enjoy Him. Allow him to fill your empty places. Marvel in his Word. He is your more. And then go out already filled to enjoy and celebrate the wonder of His amazing birth. The gifts He has for you will never rot or collect dust. Their very value has only eternal worth.

Oh my Lord, how I long for more of you. How I desperately desire to be filled by you. The things of this world are fleeting. I hold my hand open, holding these things lightly, yet clinging for dear life to you- because you are life. These temporary desires at times try to lure my thoughts and affections. Forgive me. It is you that I seek after. It is you that my heart is hungry and thirsty for. You are my treasure and I desire more of you. It is because of you that we celebrate another Christmas season. Help me to remember the best gift ever given- your Son. Truly, only you can satisfy.

Matt 6:33~ But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.