This interview with Ann Voskamp, in my opinion, is life changing. I had to stop it several times just to allow the Lord to speak through her because of how deep these words spoke to me.

Some of her topics that hit home:

  • Be careful when you say yes to responding to others and do it prayerfully because when you feel the need to respond yes to everyone, you are saying no to your family.
  • Serving her family is her first calling.
  • They read a scripture together after each meal, as a family.
  • She is very uncomfortable with the whole number thing. Her blogging has always just been a quiet place between her and the Lord and she does not have an option for others to leave a comment and she does not check the counter to show how many ‘hits’ she’s had on her blog. She says even if her writing has affected or changed or encouraged even just one, then God has used her.
  • She doesn’t keep track of how many books she’s sold- that’s up to God how He uses her writing.
  • She has always journaled and has shelves full of them (yes!).

I could say so much more about her, but I will let you watch the interview!

Be blessed!!


And this is her keynote talk from Allume conference. It is so full of amazing blogging goodness, about us, as writers- writing our messy stories. I just had to add it!