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Have you ever watched the show on Animal Planet called Gator Boys? My boys love this show. I’ve watched a few with them. The Gator Boys work in Florida and receive many calls to come out right away and remove a gator from private property. They then will release them into their natural habitat to live out the rest of their days there.

They don’t just go up to an alligator and apprehend these large beasts. They must first tire them out. They pretend to put a hat in their mouth, they get them to do lots of circles, and really, whatever else they can do to get these gators just plain worn out. Once the gators are tired, it’s much easier for them to catch the gator off guard, jump on their backs, tape up their mouths, and off they go.

I think the enemy works a lot like this in our own lives, don’t you? We go and go and work and work and eventually our guard is down. We’re tired and worn out. I believe the enemy loves a tired and worn out Christian. That’s when we’re liable to snap at someone or get so ‘busy’ that we neglect our time alone with the Lord. I can just hear the enemy thinking, “Keep going, stay busy.. just a little while longer and I’ll have you right where I want you… worn out!”. It’s in that time that we tend to listen to the enemy’s voice instead of the Lords. We hear things like “This is so unfair” or “I wish I didn’t have to be here or do this”. When you are tired and weak, careful who’s voice you’re listening to. You could just be past due for a little rest and time in God’s Word to refresh your soul.

God gives us a great model and example for living. Gen. 2:2- By the seventh day God had finished the work he had been doing; so on the seventh day he rested from all his work. I’ve seen many times where people just work and work and then their body is weak and their defenses are down and they end up getting sick and are forced to stop and take a few days of rest. Wouldn’t you just rather rest while feeling good? I know I would!

I encourage you today, don’t be captured like a wild alligator ready to give up the fight! Sometimes staying in the game means taking time out for you and not wearing yourself out! You will be a much more effective witness and a lot less likely to chomp someone’s head off! Amen!

Hebrews 4:10- For anyone who enters God’s rest also rests from his own work, just as God did from his.