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I had much to do today on my to-do list. I knew I needed to go to Wal-Mart, although for me, Wal-Mart is anything but enjoyable. I made it there just in time with the rest of what seemed to be the entire town. (Do people call each other and say, “Let’s all go to Wal-Mart?”) It was crowded in the parking lot. I got a less than ideal spot. I tried to keep the positive mantras going in my head while shopping.  “I’m almost done”, or “you can do this”. Funny, you would think I was running a marathon or something. Finally, finished my shopping workout, and headed to the shortest line. (Which was not short, might I add.)  I often think the Lord puts me in lines where people need a price check on some random item that no one can find just to work out my patience a little.

Checked out and walking my shopping cart to the car. On this particular day, it was particularly hot. I was dripping from sweat before I even made it to the car. Mantras- keem ‘em coming. “You’re almost done, and you will be home soon”. “You’ve got this, finish line is ahead”. I loaded up my mini van and proceeded to maneuver my way around the busy parking lot. Caught myself complaining about how hot it was and how it takes forever for my van to cool down.

As I was leaving the parking lot, I looked over to the right. Saw a bus stop. Saw a woman- dripping with sweat. She had three children. One looked to be asleep on her lap, while she rubbed her forehead to cool her down. Her other two small children were trying to stay cool while sitting under a small shade tree. Each of them were holding a few grocery bags for their mom. And I drove by in my air-conditioned mini-van, driving to my new home, while the kids were home with daddy. Her deep brown eyes spoke more to me than any sermon  I had heard that month.

Humbled- seems to be a theme in my life right now. Whenever you think you have it rough, I promise you, there is always someone who has it harder. I said a prayer for that woman and her children as I drove home that day. Then I quickly repented for being so spoiled. I repented for complaining- or even fighting the desire to complain because my perfect little world wasn’t as comfortable as I had wanted it to be.

Lord, thank you that I am still teachable. Remind me when I feel the need or urge to complain, of my many blessings and help me not to take them for granted. Thank you for a car (with air), my home, my husband who helps with our children, and for the money to go to Wal-Mart to buy the groceries for my family. And remind me daily, there will always be someone who has it harder. I know that one hard day with you is better than a million days without You. For I am blessed- don’t let me forget it! Amen