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I found myself in quite a mess today. You see, I have one of those swimming pools that you blow up- but it’s a good size. Looks so easy on the box. Just blow up the top and fill with water. “I can do that,” I thought. So we set it up. Not quite as easy as they make it out to be. Nonetheless, we did it. My husband and I figured out how to add the chemicals. It worked well the first few weeks. Then, we got busy. Before we knew it our pool turned green! We kept putting it off. “Oh, we’ll get to it later,” we would say. But later never came.

So today, after many weeks of neglect, I set out to clean the pool. The kids were having their friends over, and I told them they could swim! I knew it was a green, nasty mess. I was avoiding this project at all costs. Let me just tell you, I scrubbed, and scrubbed and scrubbed. I was on my hands and knees in green yucky mess- scrub, drain. Scrub, drain. This continued for over 3 hours. Then with the wet vac. I sucked all that murky mess up. And wouldn’t you know it, learned a very valuable lesson today. (My lessons are usually learned this way).

Do you ever have things to get done, that you put off until the last minute?  You know, the stuff we dread doing, but need to get done. If you are anything like me you will get easily distracted (by the stuff you want to do) and find there’s no time left to do what you really needed to do. It could be calling people back, putting away laundry, and possibly going to the dreaded grocery store. The problem is, if I wait too long to do what I was suppose to do, sometimes I can have a mess on my hands! Bills get paid late, people start thinking your avoiding them, no dinner in the fridge to make, etc. etc.

Truth is, as I was scrubbing the pool today, I realized I should have done this when I noticed the waters starting to get green- not when the swampness monster moved in. I could have had it knocked out in less than an hour. Lesson learned… lesson learned.

Never put off tomorrow, what can be done today~ Thomas Jefferson