As we are preparing to move, I’ve been thinking about our new home we will move into in October. I’ve been dreaming a little. And I sometimes find myself getting a little frustrated when my husband doesn’t seem to share the same..enthusiasm should we say. So today’s blog is devoted to our home, our nest.

What is it about a woman’s heart that is so greatly linked to her home? Our home is not just a place to lay our heads at night, although we do. It is much more than that. Our home is place where we take refuge from the world when we are feeling weary. Our home is a place that in some ways takes on a part of us. Is it warm? Is it perky? Is it cozy? We like to surround ourselves with items that inspire us and bring us to a happy place. We like to add a piece of ourselves in every room. Our home is also a place of refuge for others. Do you love to invite others over and sit and talk and share a warm cup of coffee together? Do you love to have barbecues and allow your home to be a place for others to unwind and relax? For some of us, we have a special spot where we write. A special little space where we can get inspired. Others of us have a special little craft room with some of our favorite things. Or what about your favorite spot to pull up a cozy blanket and escape in a good book?

No, our home isn’t just a place to store our things and rest our head at night. As women, this is a place of great joy and retreat.We spend hours and weeks making this a place, our place; a place of  rest, peace, and shelter. Many a talks happen here, many a prayers are said under this roof, many memories are made within these walls. And even many a tears are shed here. As women, there are many things we are passionate about. And that’s great. It’s those kinds of things (like our homes) that give us pleasure and enjoyment. I think of how excited my husband gets when there’s a new Mac out or the latest Iphone. He is excited about something that he enjoys. Maybe that’s how I need to explain my nest next time to my husband. “Hunny, This house is my Mac”. We just need to speak their lingo!

“There is a magic in that little world, home; it is a mystic circle that surrounds comforts and virtues never known beyond its hallowed limits”

Robert Southey