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We went on a much-needed vacation last week for Spring Break. By day we were hitting the slopes and by night we were poolside. It was just what the doctor ordered! We enjoyed being with my husband’s parents and sister. And after skiing all day the Jacuzzi felt great.
One night my son and daughter were playing. They were having a good time messing around and the pool. My son came up to me with a little smirk on his face and said he had something to show me. I walked over to a sign that he was pointing to. It was the rules for the Jacuzzi. As he was about to point to the line that said no kids alone in the Jacuzzi he abruptly fell into a hole! He screamed as I ran to pull him out. It was the small hole that they have near the pools to collect dirt and debris. “How irresponsible of this hotel”, I thought to myself. My son could have been much more hurt than he was. He walked away with a few cuts from where his other knee hit the pavement. And a tiny limp that healed with time.
As I took the kids back to the room, my husband wanted to talk with the front desk. He got band-aids and expressed his frustration about them leaving the cover off the hole. Later, in the room I overheard my daughter telling him he shouldn’t have taken the cover off. Hmm..that’s odd. “Noah, did you take the cover off and leave it off of the hole?” I asked. “Well”, he said sheepishly. “Yeah, we were just playing”. “So you caused your own injury?” I asked? “Yes”, he replied. Obviously knowing that there was a talk about to occur.
I wonder how many times we do this to ourselves? No, not fall into holes by poolside. But how many times, by the choices that we make do we reap the consequences? Probably more than we would like to admit! I wonder how many times I’ve sat that like a bump on a log not wanting to do what I know I need to do and then later feel the pain of my choices. I think to myself, “that was so dumb!” I did that.
God wants us to live fruitful and grace filled lives. He can tell us what to do and even empower us to do it. But we have to actually comply and move and be obedient. He will protect us out there but don’t expect Him to cover us if we (by our own will) leave ourselves exposed to a fall. If we walk in our own will and not Gods will, we just might get hurt. Thank goodness He loves us enough to pick us up and heal our wounds and send us off in the right direction!
I read the following and thought it fit so well:
(Excerpt from David Lampel’s blog:) It seems that in all of Scripture, no one fell down more often than the apostle Peter. But to his credit, he kept getting back up and trying again. Even in the face of withering retorts from Jesus (and certain humiliation before the other disciples because of them) Peter never gave up. He hung in there to the end.
Peter seems to stand out in his sheer ability to say or do the wrong thing at precisely the wrong time.
The question then presents itself: Why did he keep trying? Why didn’t Peter just give up and return to his nets? The answer, I suppose, has something to do with his love for Jesus, and for his desire to please Him–to do better the next time.
This is no small thing, for it reaches to the heart of what motivates any of us to get back up when we have fallen down. There is, indeed, something in each of us that connects us to Christ: the Holy Spirit. Beyond that, however, there is a love for our Savior that develops over time, much like the earthly love we might have for another human being.

So watch out for holes, especially the ones you’ve uncovered! ☺