Photo of Saved By Grace Isaiah 1:18b  “Come now, let us reason together,” says the Lord. Though your sins are like scarlet, they shall be as white as snow;

As I look out my window, there is a blanket of snow covering my town. It is as perfect as a post card and causes my heart to rejoice. You see, for me, I have never grown up in the snow. And five years ago, the Lord directed us here, Colorado. While some might be tired of the snow because they have lived here their entire lives, it still causes child like joy to rise up within me. Sometimes I feel as though I might never tire of something so magical.

As I think about how perfect and pure this white powder is, It causes my mind and my heart to shift. I think about how perfect and pure my Lord is. And that He has made a promise for us. For those who have opened our hearts as our home to Him, He has promised to forgive us of our sins (which are daily) and to make us as white as snow. Us. A selfish and imperfect people. White as snow.

I think of the well known hymn “Nothing but the Blood Of Jesus”. The hymn starts like this:

“What can wash away my sin?
Nothing but the blood of Jesus;
What can make me whole again?
Nothing but the blood of Jesus.

Oh! precious is the flow that makes me white as snow;

no other fount I know, nothing but the blood of Jesus”

Lord Jesus, thank you  for dying on the cross for me, for my sins. You poured out your blood,

that I would be able to receive forgiveness and that I would would be able to be as white as snow in your eyes. Wow.

May this snow be a reminder of the sacrifice You made for me, that I might resemble in some way your pure and

white snow. In Jesus name, amen.