As I was making eggs, sunny side up I realized that I almost always break the yoke when I try to turn the egg too soon. I get impatient and think surely the yoke must be ready by now. And quickly I flip it and the yoke has broken. But today I waited. And guess what? Perfect egg yoke- not one broken!
How many times have we tried to rush God or rush what we want only to find it’s not God’s time yet. And sometimes we end up broken. Like the broken egg, our impatience can make quite the mess!
And don’t get me wrong. The egg tastes “okay”. But had I waited, the egg would be full of yoke and rich with flavor. God doesn’t just want us to settle for “okay” in our lives, He wants the best for us. He wants our lives to be rich and full of flavor- not just “okay”.
Today, if it’s not yet time to flip the egg, just wait. It will be time and if you wait patiently on the Lord He will make you a perfect egg.