Photobucket Isn’t it funny how the thought of a certain time period in our lives brings back memories of people. I think back to my time in Palm Springs and I’m quickly reminded of my old roommates. I often wonder what ever happened to them. I also think about the small group of people who led me to the Lord and discipled me. I often wonder if they realize the huge impact they made in my life because of the time they invested in me.
I’m sure if you went back to your High School years or your college days, there are people that just come to mind. Unfortunately, there are also people, who, instead of leaving footprints, have more like, trampled on your heart! And perhaps there are people that it just hurts to think about- either we hurt them or they hurt us. Those are the ones that we really don’t want to dwell on too much.
I think sometimes, when we’re in the moment, just living our day to day lives, we’re not thinking about who’s in our circle and how we will look back at these years. Or flip the coin. Who in our circle will look back in about ten years and you will come to their mind. You see, in our day to day living, we need to live on purpose.
Those coffee trips with a girlfriend, those girls nights, those women retreats where you spend half the weekend bawling with girlfriends. Those phone calls you’ve made even when the last thing you felt like doing was talking on the phone, the funny card you sent to lift someones spirits. All of these things will go into the scrapbook of our hearts as the years pass, and we say, “remember when?”.
Even as I write this, I am sure there are people leaving footprints on your heart and likewise you are touching lives, making memories. Leaving your own prints on what is now the present and will someday be the past.
In this season of your life I encourage you to live on purpose- And yes, footprints will follow.

1 Thess. 5:11 Therefore comfort one another and edify one another , just as you also are doing