It was one of those mornings! I got all 3 of the kids out of the house and off to look at some local thrift shops for ski pants for our whole family. The kids were a bit ‘active’ but did okay, until Noah and Hope decided they wanted the same toy! And then there was a break down (Noah) so I said that’s it, we’re leaving! ! Noah flipped. Joel was crying and Hope quietly followed. Noah begged to go back in the store to which I replied “no”. He was full of snot, and tears and his face was bright red. Some nice lady said “I don’t know how you do it”. I thought well, today I don’t feel like  I am “doing it”! So I held Noah down and strapped him in. I have to say at this point it truly would have been so much easier to just say ok, but be a good boy and we’ll go back in, but I knew that this was one battle I just had to win. I think sometimes we just give in because it’s easier (for the moment!). But what are we saying to our kids? That if you throw a big enough tantrum, I just might give in. It’s so hard sometimes. Then we moved on to Walmart- oh yeah, that’s fun with 3 little ones. I remember saying out loud, we’re almost done, as the kids we’re getting restless. Then there’s the infamous “check out”. Noah and Hope water but they each wanted to be the first one to drink from the water, Joel wanted out, and I just kept thinking we’ve come this far, just let me check out and make it to the car!! Ran home, made lunch, got Hope ready for kinder, loaded up the car again and off to school we went. Dropped her off, put Joel down for nap, and then read to Noah and laid down with him until he fell asleep. Ok, now its my time- or at least for about an hour :). Sometimes I just pray, Lord, please help me not to mess them up! Thank you Lord for my 3 little blessings from above, who although know how to press my every button, they are truly a gift from above. I know I can’t ‘give’ life to them until I have received life from You. Everyday- fill me that I might pour out to them and to my husband. Wow, I feel much better, this Blog thing is kind of cool! Celeste